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They kiss my face, as I blink up into the grey shroud. They silvery pearls trickle down my face, flood my eyes, dampen my hair. I can feel the energy flowing up through the wet stone into my feet, giving me life. My tears joined with them, making the water almost crystalline and pure.
I have a condition like no other. That's what I've found out as I live in this emerald green and sapphire blue planet.
Air would not matter, does not matter to me, for I do not need to breathe.
Food, my stomach is always craving and satisfied by one, and only one, thing.


I feel rejuvenated. My body gaining strength back. I'm all alone in the structure, an old temple I found. It's green vines follow the steady flow of silver, growing thicker at the base, where the puddles accumulate.
Over the week, there had been a drought. Everywhere I searched, the ground had all ready been softened. The dirt muddied, the buildings washed. It was a harrowing sight. My life was fading by the day.

I've only ever spoken to another living soul twice in my life. Once to an Asian woman who I met in remote area of a city. I said "Hello."....I think. She glanced around nervously before disappearing behind a fallen tree. That was many years ago.
The second was to a young girl whom I accidentally crashed into. She looked up at me, her soft green eyes wide in amazement. She had never seen a Wandering Spirit before.
Then again, neither have I. No person is like me. I've been around since the first rain fall, brought out by some mysterious phenomenon. I call myself Suza, it means Tear in a language I once heard.
All my life I have been isolated, nomadic. Drifting from place to place where I can feel the sky tensing up, weighing it's self down with rain.
Perhaps there is a Wandering Spirit for Flame, Soil, and Sky. I will never know in my lifetime if I'm alone or if there is anyone like me.

I could tell that my time to live on this planet was coming to drift. My Wandering Soul was fading.

Then one solitude night, all of that turned upside down. It started with a single word. It started with a glance. With a deadening curiosity to keep coming.

It started with a single rain drop.

My story began now, the life before was just the prologue.

He'd been watching me for a while now. The rain was coming down like a sheet.
My bare toes tingled, the little drops pelting them. He could see me through that, the thick leaves of the tree I sat in, and my cover. It was making me edgy. What if he tried to catch me? I'd never had contact with a soul before.
How could he see me? I ducked under a branch, my feet light on the bark. No one else was around. The city park was emptied as soon as they heard the first thunder. This boy was strange. He sat, watching me with careful grey-blue eyes.
Go away, I thought. His gaze was disturbing me and that disturbed my needed energy transfer I could feel it spilling over and the air absorbing it. Go away.......
Then, out of nowhere, he stood. The bench he sat in had a dry spot. He'd been there before the downpour. I braced myself against the trunk. Slowly he walked my way, his foot-covers soaked, and his shirt dripping. His hair was the color of flames. I held my breath, even though I did not need to.
What was going on?
He looked up at me and smiled. His mouth opened, his throat moved. I'd seen them make noises, but never this close up before.
"Blue." It was incomprehensible, but it seemed like a soft word. I'd never heard it before. My hands trembled as I struggled to stay in the tree. I hugged the trunk for my life. I closed my eyes.
Go away.... It echoed in my ears, the pounding of each drop on a green leaf, a melody of life. Minutes passed as I kept my eyes shut, pleading for the rain to come down harder.


I opened my eyes. The sun had set. I sat in the tree, my arms shimmering, the water flowing through my veins, weaving through my soul.

He was gone.
I remained there, frozen. My fingers had turn to shards of ice, an iron grip on the branch. It continued to pour the rest of the night. My mind was still, except for one word.




The sun rose over the hill, dew drops glistened as the light pierced through them. I left, racing across the field, my feet padding, hovering, just inches above the actual ground.
It was time to move on.
A day passed...
Then two.....
Then three.....
I continued to roam, desperately searching for something. I soaked in the rain, but now I felt as though it was not the only thing I needed.
Every now and then I would whisper it, it flowed off my tongue. As I grew bolder, I would say it louder. Four days came to pass, and as I stood in a high alpine meadow, as the first thunder cracked it burst out.
My confusion had built up on itself. Questions piled up on each other until I could no longer contain it.
My war cry rang of the mountain sides. It made every columbine quiver, every pine needle shake. I didn't let it die down. Every time it started to fade I sang again. It was a dawning thought. A feeling. One that I had never felt before.

Burning Desire and Curiosity.
I raced, my feet sweeping over country, mountain and ocean, but they could not carry me fast enough.
They carried me away from the rain, away from my purpose. But although it was alien, I could feel me gaining a new one. Perhaps I could become more than a Wandering Spirit. More than a ghost of a soul, following the clouds.
My heart skipped a beat as I saw in the far horizon the park. It was brewing, dark ominous clouds. Killer clouds. A storm that carried bolts of flame within it. They often charged the ground, sparks flying and destroying. It was Emerald-Sapphire's way of releasing anger and stress.
What if he was inside that storm?
It was a terrifying sight. Some sort of freak storm was raging in the middle of the city. The lightning brewed flashing at least twice every tow seconds. I couldn't see much through the black and purple clouds. I squinted, desperately trying to catch a glimmer of red......


He was frantically scrambling out of a tree. The same tree I had been in four days ago. I bit my lip, my whole body paralyzed as I saw the tension building right above him. His arm caught on a sharp branch, and I barely heard the rip of the fabric as thunder roared above.
I turned my head, I couldn't watch. Was this all my fault? My eyelids flashed yellow as the lightning struck. The crack of the bolt was echoed by the crack of the tree trunk as it splintered in half. It sent a shudder through my body, my faint outline shimmering.
The rain was flooding the park. The grass was a shallow sea. The thunder ended with a final crash. It was over, the rain came as hard as ever. It was a punishment now. A cruel reminder that I lost him. That I hadn't acted fast enough.
Then I heard a scream, a desperate plea. "BLUE!?"
Blue! My eyes whipped open. Under a mess of shards of wood, leaves and mud, I saw a flash of red. "Blue!!!" He screamed again, a torn cry of pain.
I raced, barley seeing anything but the narrow hole of the collapsed tree. My fear of contact was gone. As I stumbled into the tangle of branches, I smelt the coppery scent of blood. Was he impaled by the wood?
I shrieked, grasping at the splinters with fading hope. My solidness was fading. If I didn't get energy soon, I would be just a floating Spirit.
He groaned as I lifted up one of the larger branches. One that had been towards the center of the tree. I heard a shudder-inducing squish. He squenched his eyes closed, tears forcing themselves out. His lips were pressed together so tight that they were turning white.

"Sh..." I whispered, grappling at the sharp edges. He wouldn't go away.... "Shhh...."
His eyes opened briefly, showing only the whites. With another branch removed I could clearly see his wound. A short stub stuck out from his lower abdomen. The grey shirt was heavy with blood. My grief hit me with a pang, almost so that I fell backwards. It was bad. "Don' not...die, Čudo."

He was mouthing something, struggling to make the words leave his throat, but all that came out was cry.
I was terrified. The shock of everything jolted through me, twisting around me spine and flowing out to my hands that trembled as I held his head. A thousand thoughts raced through my mind.
Why had I come back? Why was this happening to me? Who was this? What am I supposed to do? Is he dying?
Help me.
I squinted my eyes closed, shutting them away, keeping me from more suffering.
Help me. Help me. Some one. Help.
I screamed, my throat ripping out a call for help, my face facing the sky, calling on it's assistance.
It was incomprehensible, but it quivered every leaf in every tree in the park. It shook every sheer wall of black windows on every nearby sky scraper. Some one had to help....
He moved, his head shifted slightly. I looked down. His eyes were wide, instead of white, all I saw was crystalline, sharp blue.
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